MC Delta T (feat. mrs joyful) - MCΔT

from by mrs joyful with MC Delta T and Kill, Martha

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I'm the Energy MC but I'm not MC Squared
I don't support nuclear, in fact it makes me scared
No, I'm MC Delta T, I'm so hot I AM heat
200 degrees is less than nothing to me
Don't call me Mr Fahrenheit, call me Miss Kelvin
Freddie lands on Mars with Marvin and Melvin
I use international system, coz that's how pros do it
- yeah, metres per second squared is my g-unit

(G-unit, drop it to tha flo)

I'm the energy master of your ceremonies
I'm hosting the death of the bourgeoisie
I control the mic, I don't drive but I bike
Have fun when your petrol sees another tax hike
You're a sucka mothafucka driving round the block
Looking for a sucka bitch to suck your cock
Well if you ask me I'll tell you where to stick it
Coz you're wasting gas and that's just not cricket

(You're sitting on chrome but you're all alone
There ain't no dog wanna eat your bone
You're driving so fast, it's a waste of gas
I'll pop a cap in yo ass, put your hands up...)

So I'm chillin in my crib with my homie King Hubbert
He says, “I think we've peaked and I don't really love it”
If we could turn back time there'd be an easy solution:
Cancel the industrial revolution
But the invention of a time machine is still pretty distant
The Great Leap Backwards can't be done in an instant
What we need to do is to make a transition
To a future of low energy and low emissions

So I'm writing rhymes about this day and time
And how everyone's only out to make a dime
You might say my songs have no worth
An 8 bar verse ain't gunna save the earth
But if my words make you stop and question
Why we do what we do then I've made an impression
So if you get offended by my radicalism
Remember I'm offended by capitalism

Ted Trainer called me up on the telephone today
He said, “Yo, waddup, I think we need a simpler way
Even if we're real efficient we're still energy deficient
All the world’s renewables can never be sufficient
To sustain the lifestyles that we're demanding
Are you understanding? We can't keep expanding!
Economic growth must be left behind
We need a whole new culture, a new state of mind”

The only way to alleviate my anxiety
Is to replace consumer capitalist society
If you don't know where to start, Rob Hopkins is da man
He'll help you write an Energy Descent Action Plan
Farms growing medicines, fuels, food and wood
People sharing skills, tools and cars in da hood
Friendly small communities just like the old times
Fuck the global corporations: LOCALISE!

MC Delta T layin down tha phat beatz
I'm so hot I am heat
mrs joyful in da house yo up in dis
Bangin dat gangsta shit

(Think Locally; Fuck Globally)


from home swete home, released December 2, 2012



all rights reserved


mrs joyful Dunedin, New Zealand

- mrs joyful - geriatric art punk -
rafia work enthusiast
dubious speler and grammarer

- MC Delta T - Little Girl Nerdcore -
Pretty fly for a physicist
Bears an uncanny resemblance to mrs joyful

- Kill, Martha - Hardkohr Manchester Ukulele Gangsta Crack -
From the suitcase on the left she took her favourite axe.
The voice was clearer now: Kill, Martha!
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